Narcissists May Be Common in These 3 Occupations, Experts Say

Every industry and profession has its share of narcissists and even psychopaths. The same is true for empaths. However, there are occupations or industries where there seem to be more narcissists, or at least a greater chance that narcissists will harm these occupations than others. big? Research suggests that narcissists may gravitate towards certain industries and careers. Obviously, this does not detract from the truly kind and generous people who work in these fields. It just clarifies where wolves in sheep’s clothing might be more common.


If there’s one industry or specialty that you pray doesn’t contain, it’s a narcissist. That’s its medicine. The stakes are much higher and reaching out to vulnerable populations can result in long-term consequences. While health professionals overall They tended to score lower on the dark triad trait. Not all of them come with clean hands. Several research studies have noted the prevalence of bullying among nurses. And it has been shown that nursing professionals tend to have higher levels of schizophrenia. This is a subtype of psychosis that is more anxious and impulsive. Surgeons also had significantly higher levels of narcissism. Of course, every nurse or surgeon is different. And these findings should be taken with caution. This is not an excuse to generalize or generalize. However, this may explain why you have come across some medical professionals who are so deeply empathetic and caring. while others are callous, entitled, or engage in bullying behavior. You may also encounter narcissists in the mental health and related care professions as therapists. Although it is clear that there are many compassionate therapists out there.

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In a study of 1,173 police officer participants by Papazoglou and colleagues (2019), researchers found that 94.7% of participants had moderate levels of narcissism and 70% of participants had triadic traits. The Moderate Dark Side of Machiavellianism Fortunately, they have lower levels of psychosis. Obviously, there are people who come into law enforcement to save lives. It’s not hurting them. And studies also show that higher levels of burnout and compassion fatigue can increase all three of the darker three traits. However, it appears that law enforcement may be a ripe spot for individuals. who is narcissistic in order to strive for positions of power and authority and use power over others When combined with too much power This can be a deadly combination for the innocent civilians who are the target.


Not all CEOs are stereotypical narcissists or psychopaths. And this group of business owners is very diverse. From wonderful and compassionate people to the cutthroat that exists in many types of businesses. However, according to some experts, narcissism is three times more likely to be prevalent among CEOs than in the general public. A Harvard study of 179 CEOs also revealed saw that more than 18 percent of CEOs could be considered narcissistic. This is probably due to the fact that some ruthless tactics and characteristics are required to achieve the top position in the first place.

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When talking about careers and careers Where narcissists often congregate. It’s important to remember that Every profession can be infiltrated by a narcissist. No profession or profession is exempt. Some of them tend to be popular occupations. Other studies It shows that the careers chosen by grandiose narcissists and weak narcissists can be different. It suggests that those with grandiose narcissism tend to pursue careers in science and business. while weaker narcissists choose careers that are more social and artistic. Psychopaths are also more likely to choose careers in fields such as the physical sciences. engineering, and adventure work (which makes sense because they are thrill-seekers and sensation-seekers).

Perception and reality are also different. Although the careers listed here have been researched to support the stereotypes, But other professions More research is needed by studying, for example, lawyers and college professors who may share social stereotypes of pomposity or callousness, but there hasn’t been much research focused on this. Divorce lawyers also noted that Women are more likely to have conflict-filled relationships with people in various professions. Not just in the fields of medicine and law enforcement. But it also includes jobs such as military work, piloting or firefighting. Narcissists and psychopaths often climb the corporate ladder with ease. And research shows they can be bullies in the workplace. This means that it is important to look for characteristics such as superficial charm, entitlement, grandeur, and lack of empathy in employees and Deal with bullying before it escalates. A positive workplace environment is often achieved when there is empathy, transparency, and honesty. and responsibility at every step of the organizational ladder

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