A Simple Way to Boost Your Amazon SEO

Here are a few ways to improve your Amazon SEO ranking:

A Simple Way to Boost Your Amazon SEO, Do you have trouble gaining traction on Amazon? Look, you’re not alone. Amazon’s marketplace now has an incredible 2.5 million sellers on the platform and that means there’s a ton of competition on there and you need to be mindful of how you can boost your presence on their website.

Understanding Amazon and their A10 search engine is essential.A10’s search engine cognition is focused on its revenue per-click abilities which means every time a customer searches for something they have to be matched with the perfect option within the Amazon catalog, much like regular SEO on search engines like Google.A10’s two main ranking factors are A. sales velocity, how fast a product sells on Amazon, and two, keyword mastery, how well your listing uses relevant keywords.

Conduct keyword research. Again, it’s just like regular SEO but there’s only a little difference. I want you to type in words and phrases in the Amazon search box and see what is suggested and compile a list of relevant keywords for similar listings. Look, you can also Ubersuggest. Go to Ubersuggest, and type in keywords, Because it’s also pulling from sources like Amazon, and it’ll suggest other related keywords for you. And this is what’s popular and trending today, not what was popular a year ago. I also want you to go to AnswerThePublicwhich is pulling from a lot of these sources well and see what’s popular today. If you also use the Ubersuggest Chrome extension, whenever you do a search on Amazon when it shows you those list of keywords, it’ll show you the search volumes for those keywords as well to give you more ideas of what is popular and that’ll help you get good keywords that you should optimize for within your product listing pages.

Optimize your product title. Titles should match the physical packaging label. Aim for 60 to 80 characters. Don’t use all caps. Use numerals. And don’t use subjective terms like “bestseller.”When you do this, you’ll find you’ll start getting more clicks. The reason I also say it has to match the packaging is you don’t have to have the exact same title on the box but it has to match because you don’t want to deceive people either or else you’re going to get a lot of bad reviews and returns which is going to cause your rankings to tank.

Optimize the descriptions. Include brand names, sizes, material types, colors, packaging, quantity, and other essential information. The more specific you get, believe it or not, the better off you will be with targeting new keywords and converting a search into a click-over to your listing which generates a sale.

Optimize key product features. Include up to five bullet points per product. A thousand characters in total across all five points. You don’t have to use all a thousand characters, but use what’s necessary. Don’t just shove in a thousand characters because you want more keywords. Do what’s necessary so that way people can get to the point as quickly as possible. And of course, if you have more to say, say it within there and use up the characters when you can

Optimize your images. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. Images should show the product in use, show various angles, and highlight different features. Every detail page requires at least one product image. Six images and one video is ideal. Images should be clear, informative, and attractive. And images should have a white background and fill up at least 85% of the image space. Use 500 by 500 or 1000 by 1000 pixels to increase listing quality. And make sure if you have things like let’s say food product that you’re selling, the nutrition label is one of those images.

Optimize product search terms. Include generic words and no punctuation is required. Stay under the length limit which is 250 bytes. For a full list of best practices reference Amazon’s own search terms and best practices guide from the URL on the screen. And that’s it. If you follow all that, you’re going to start doing better with your Amazon SEO.

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