This diet plan helped one man lose 130 pounds and reverse pre-diabetes.

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Joe Marro, 38, knew he had to make some changes in 2017. That’s when doctors told him he was developing diabetes. It’s not a good feeling knowing my life has been cut short. I’m too young I have many goals, passions and dreams, he said.

I got to the point where I weighed almost 300 pounds and I had to do something. I don’t want to die I feel like I’ve been given an ultimatum.

In addition to being at risk for diabetes, Marro also has thyroid problems. low energy level and breathing problems I have been a music teacher for 14 years and my students have seen me cough and have trouble breathing, he said. “I love my profession. I have the ability to impact the future of children, but without good health I just can’t give 100%.

Marro, from Deer Park, New York, has struggled with his weight his entire life. I always had a vision of being fit. I tried hard I played sports when I was young. And I was always overweight. My weight has always been a bother to me. I feel like it’s holding me back. And people look at me differently, he said.

Marro tried many different diets, but he would lose a little and bounce back. I felt like I was destined to be overweight. As if it were my genetics But the truth is I don’t understand how to eat properly. And I don’t understand how to develop an exercise routine.

When he learns how to eat and exercise in a way that supports his health He lost 130 pounds. Here’s how he did it.

He initially made changes to his fitness and diet on his own.

Marro participates in group exercise classes that focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), kickboxing, and weight-lifting exercises.

Those classes helped him begin to enjoy exercise and feel like he was part of a community. Before that, I would go to the gym but felt discouraged because I didn’t know what I was doing, he said. Group classes have made me more knowledgeable about exercise and given me something to look forward to.

He also reduced portion sizes and counted calories. These changes helped him lose 55 pounds before the weight loss stopped. That year, even though I was at a plateau But I developed a consistent exercise routine, he said.

Still, he had to break through a plateau. He tried more intense exercise to see if that would help. But he did not get the desired results.

Joe Marro
Joe Marro has tried to lose weight many times over the years. But the weight always came back the same.Courtesy Joe Marro

He turned to experts for advice.

Marro hires trainers It helps him plan his diet by focusing on counting macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates).

I started to lose a little weight. But I don’t stick to the diet plan at all, he says. I track it maybe four or five days a week. I always eat while traveling. And I think that’s a big problem. When you go out to eat You really don’t know. How many extra calories are in the food or how the food is prepared?

Ultimately, he decided to test his trainer’s advice by following the plan on the tee. He aims for 100 to 150 grams of protein, 125 grams of carbohydrates, and 50 grams of fat per day. He finds healthy foods he likes and creates meals centered around them. I started cooking myself and measuring everything. I fell in love with the process, he said.

And when he saw the results again He began steadily losing 1-2 pounds per week, and by 2020 he had lost another 75 pounds.

Marros’ trainer also does one-on-one workouts with him. And he discovered that he enjoyed developing an exercise routine and challenging himself.

in his current plan He aims for 9,000 to 10,000 steps a day between running, a treadmill, and a Stairmaster. Marro now works as a school administrator. and is walking like crazy during his lunch break or when he’s talking on the phone.

He also lifts weights five days a week. by two days on the upper body Two days on the lower body and one day on the whole body I like to lift weights. If I had never gone through a journey like this before, I don’t think I would have. It’s now a part of my daily routine that I love.

After losing a lot of weight He has slightly saggy skin. Although he felt that weight training reduced the sagging. It’s still something that troubles me, he said.

Joe Marro
During his weight loss journey, Joe Marro found that he enjoyed creating exercise routines and challenging himself with goals like running a 5K.Courtesy Joe Marro

He sees these small victories in both his health and his life.

Marros’ weight loss reduced his risk of diabetes, which made him fear the change: I just had my blood test done. And I am in good health with no problems. My doctor said there was nothing I needed to improve.

He is happy to do everything he can to improve his chances of longevity: I want to live a long life. I know I can get sick at any time. But I increased my chances.

He also noticed these changes:

  • He can run 5K.
  • He has more energy.
  • He didn’t need to sleep as much as before.
  • He doesn’t have to worry about needing extra space on the plane.
  • He can buy branded clothes that he has never worn before.

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